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7. august 2020
Corporate Compassion – What, Why & How - Vibeke Lunding-Gregersen & Henrik Tingleff
Happiness At Work Conference
21. maj 2018
What if work was not about competition but about compassion?

Compassion is an exceptional ability that made homo sapiens victorious in the great evolutionary race and its role in present day life is backed by solid scientific data. Learn how compassion directly increases happiness, health, well-being, performance and relationships as well as a few examples on, how to work with compassion in everyday life.

Vibeke and Henrik are authorized Psychologists and Partners at Mindwork Psychological Center in Copenhagen. In this video they give a humorous voyage into the depths of the human brain and its emotion regulation systems and will present clear and concrete examples on how the modern day work-life challenges our evolutionary old brain with consequences for both our performance and happiness.