How to set up a Happiness Group in your company - Christina Vingaard & Tessa Eidem

Happiness At Work Conference
21. maj 2018

How can you engage employees directly in creating a happier workplace?

Christina and Tessa are employees at SEB Pension and have been a part of the internal Happiness at Work Group since 2014. This group of employees make an annual plan with many different employee-driven initiatives to promote happiness at work for the whole company. They do this alongside their normal jobs and are proud to be a part of the culture change that has happened.

But how can they as employees be a part of building a performance culture? And is it even possible to talk about happiness in a financial company?

Christina and Tessa share their story and tell us why it worked so well. They also share the best ideas from the SEB Happiness Toolbox – and yes, there is an actual toolbox.