How We Made WD-40 a Happy Billion-Dollar Business - Garry Ridge

Happiness At Work Conference
21. maj 2018

CEO Garry Ridge will give you a look “under the hood” of one of the world’s most recognized brands,WD-40 Company, where 98% of employees say they “love to work”, and 99% say that their “opinions and values are a good fit” for the company. This high engagement has resulted in a company that has doubled in revenue in the last decade, and is on a trajectory to double again in the next.

Garry will share his “learning moments” from his journey to transform the company’s culture, beginning in 1997. Lessons and principles covered include:

  • The personal journey of every servant leader, and why that philosophy is critical
  • The emotional connection of a greater purpose that creates high engagement
  • How to carefully and consciously choose values that will be embedded in all aspects of leadership and employee development
  • Why investing in people who invest in themselves is a secret to succession planning and greater organizational capability
  • The difference between a “team” and a “tribe”, and why WD-40 Company strove to create a cohesive tribe that spans 15 countries where employees work
  • How company performance results are directly connected to its focus on people