Arlette Bentzen: Leading With Happiness

Happiness At Work Conference
25. juni 2018
Studies clearly show that a manager’s behavior has a huge influence on happiness at work. Good leaders motivate and energize their employees and create a level of happiness that make employees go the extra mile for the workplace and the customers. Bad managers on the other hand spread frustration and stress all around them.

Arlette Bentzen is an internationally recognized speaker on happiness at work.

In her talk at the International Conference on Happiness at Work 2017 in Copenhagen, she will show exactly how managers can make their people happy at work. And it doesn’t take much. Happiness at work is not about raises, bonuses, perks and promotions – it comes from simple, effective actions that any leader ought to know and do.

She will also show how leaders can be happy at work themselves. Unhappy managers make their employees miserable, have a harder time reaching their goals and are more prone to stress and illness.